Objectives & Values


¨ Protecting the interests of its members;
¨ Keeping and developing within its members, unions, solidarity and fraternity;
¨ Promoting the development of standards of livelihood and work for labors in Construction, Carpentry and Crafts;
¨ Engaging negotiations and concluding common conventions;
¨ Exercising all activities with option to enhance the achievement of the objectives;
¨ To advocate for the members and
¨ To fight for the integration of gender at all aspects of employment in Rwanda.


Here are our values as STECOMA :
¨ Solidarity : Every member of this workers’ union has the obligation of collaborating with other members, to work closely
with  others either in good moments and bad moments.
¨ Conscienceness : we have to deliver our professional obligations with conscienceness and integrity.
¨ Engagement : We strive for our rights and workers’ rights in Rwanda and worldwide in general.